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DIY Halloween Costume

Looking for a last minute, budget friendly Halloween costume?  We have you covered.

Unisex - Mummy:  White clothes and toilet paper, that’s it.  Just roll some toilet paper (plain, no print) around yourself and voila!

Partner – Velma and Shaggy:  Velma will need an orange turtleneck, red skirt, orange socks and black rimmed glasses.  Shaggy will need a green t-shirt and brown pants.  All done!

Female – Audrey Hepburn:  Pull that little black dress out of the closet.  Pair it with black heels and a tiny tiara and you have that classy Breakfast at Tiffany’s look!

Male – Derek Zoolander:  All you need is a little makeup and a killer gaze.  Grab a patterned headband, dark eyeshadow and work on that blue steel face.


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diy halloween
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